About Me


I am originally from the Midwest. I attended South Dakota State University, where I completed a double major in psychology and biology. I value my upbringing and the beauty of the Midwest, but I have come to call San Francisco my home.  I enjoy hiking, rock climbing, concerts, and the endless opportunities of the city.

I earned my Ph.D. from Palo Alto University (PAU). PAU is accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) and Western Association of Schools and Colleges. My academic training included emphasis areas in neuropsychology, LGBTQ psychology, and health psychology. These focus areas translate well in helping me develop my conceptualization of each individual person from an encompassing biospsychosocial perspective.

My clinical trainings have been vast and rewarding.  I completed graduate school training programs through the VA Palo Alto Healthcare System and at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, a Stanford University Medical School affiliate.  I completed my APA accredited internship with the Missouri Health Sciences Psychology Consortium.  My APA accredited postdoctoral fellowship was at the San Francisco VA Hospital, which was affiliated with the University of California San Francisco.  These experiences prepared me to work with a variety of populations and to have specialty training in a wide variety of areas.